The Future of

Digital Banking
is Here!

Presentation of JUNO during Flat6Labs Beruit's 2nd Demo Day.

A message from our CEO,
David Norman.

This is a busy and exciting year for JUNO and the reason behind this key initiative is YOU!

Our plan for early 2019, is to empower you by delivering better Banking services, while contributing to a more meaningful impact to the community. Please register and continue to follow, or check your inbox for updates over the next few months.

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The future of digital banking in Lebanon is only a few months away

We will be launching our Digital Banking service and mobile app early next year. Whether you do not have a Bank account and wish to acquire one, or you are already using services from an existing Bank, JUNO promises to offer you the very best of Banking experience within the palm of your hand, simple to use and secure.

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Watch our website for details

This project is a large undertaking that we’ve been working on for a considerable time now, in an effort to excite you and give you the best possible service. We will communicate with you about our progress and share more information about our services’ roadmap and features, so please follow, or your inbox for regular updates and more details.

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What you can expect

We will provide you with Multi-Currency bank accounts, prepaid and debit cards, and the ability to top-up your accounts through hundreds of physical locations. JUNO’s core services will allow you to send and receive money with friends, either by a click on their picture if they are already JUNO users, or by simply using their email or mobile numbers.
With our service, you can pay your bills, transfer money to accounts ofother Banks and of course send money abroad. To get your money, you can either go to a physical location of one of our agents, or use your card to withdraw your money from any ATM, as well as pay for goods you buy at retail stores.

On behalf of the JUNO Team and myself, I wish to thank you in advance for joining us and sincerely hope you are as excited as we. Please remember to register your email address with us, so as not to miss our updates as they follow, or feel free to contact us in the way that’s most convenient for you with any questions you have.

Our Team will be thrilled to service you in the best possible way!