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Scope and Responsibilities

Minutes from Meeting on 23rd April, 2020
  1. Introduction of JUNO Product and team (Lebanon and Greece)
    • Juno is a cloud digital wallet that can be integrated into existing country infrastructure (ATM and Branches) to provide a fast and cost effective solution to on-board and manage unbanked and underbanked users (attached presentation).
    • The Technical team is based in Greece and the management and business development activities are shared between the Lebanese and Greek offices.
  2. Discussed about our activities with UNHCR and WORLD-BANK
    • We have already participated in the UNHCR EOI and are waiting for the RFP.
    • We already have a project with the Worldbank to launch a e-wallet (this would not include cards)
    • This solution is also the needed one for NGO’s and precisely the International ones for the payroll all around Lebanon. In addition to the possibility of hosting the account abroad so they can settle the invoices for the foreigner suppliers


  1. Agreed to introduce the solution to Mr Frangieh and to start working remotely with the IT department.
    • As we are going to discuss technical and provide access to the android version of the JUNO Demo app, we agreed to sign an NDA.               To facilitate the legal process of the Bemo bank, we have agreed to use your NDA with the scope of work from Juno NDA (attached or check info below *NDA)


  1. Topics we can raise later:

Commercial co-operation, preferably in the form of a partnership based on revenue share model. A dedicated discussion should take place when appropriate.
Juno is not just a technology platform, we provide the following services preferably under a Commercial agreement as mentioned before:


      • Market analysis (target segments, persona management and competition)
      • Product development (UX, UI and technical)
      • Marketing (digital and BTL)
      • Ongoing tactical management of the service on a daily basis

– the access to external bank accounts with European financial institutions (offshore accounts)
Looking forward
Joseph Abikhalil

Documents to this email:

You can find attached herewith the extended product presentation

a link to our video channel, which demonstrates the application’s functionality (
You will be able to view the following:


  • bill payment,
  • cash out and
  • send money to a friend or a payment link.
  • Change you profile
  • See pop’s
  • Also we have translated most of the Arabic some screens that are being worked on will still need translation
Communication dated 23rd July, 2020
  1. Dear All

    I hope this email finds you well, we are attaching a presentation on the scope of our potential co-operation and the involvement of both parties commercially and technically.

    It is agreed that Juno would be responsible for the development and daily operations with assistance from BEMO on specific issues outlined in the discovery phase. These should be kept to a minimum so that we do not take resources from existing projects within the bank.

    All the best